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“Give yourself permission, empower yourself, allow yourself to jump and be ok about where you land”

Brenda Kennelly - The RenascentAll dreamers, adventurers, soul searchers and seekers of living life on your own terms (plus those who want this) – we share a similar story.  

Through connecting and sharing, we open up our minds and our hearts, we reawaken the inner dream and we allow ourselves to take action to pursue how we really want to live our life.

So, lets get to know each other.

ME:   I’ve always wanted something different.  I was never quite sure what that was. It was a feeling deep inside me … a knowing that I wanted more. I wanted to be my own person, to live life on my own terms and to create a lifestyle that worked for me. I wanted to make a difference, add value and I wanted to live life as it should be lived.  Honestly, I just wanted to be me!  I just didn’t quite know how to do this and …

… I knew I wanted more

Instead, for a long time (a very long time) I ignored the feelings and did what was expected of me.  I got educated. I joined the corporate world. I worked hard and played by the rules (most of the time!).  But still, the feeling inside became greater. Until eventually, I woke up and decided it was time to empower myself, to give myself permission to be me.  It was time to take off the masks, to peel away the layers and to listen to the feelings inside. It was time to live my own life, to live my own dream, live by my own values, by my own rules and to own who I really am.  And, now, it is time to create the lifestyle that works for me, give back, create positive change in the world and empower others to do the same.    And

… I’ve never been happier!

YOU:  Does this sound familiar?  You know there is more out there and you want to live life on your own terms, create something unique and special that works for you.

You may be on the point of change and know there is more; your family may be leaving the nest, you may be thinking of retiring or recently retired.  Instinctively, something is stirring deep inside, …you are not sure what, but you are ready to listen, to discover, to empower yourself and to live more fully and design your own destiny.

The reality is, we share a similar stories and I can help you.  By sharing our story, listening to our voice, understanding it and making better use of it, we move towards who we really want to be.  You hear it deep inside you.  It is time.

You are already ready to Rewire, & Not Retire, to live life on your own terms and create something special just for you


More .... Here's the Nitty Gritty!

I have been in transition for the last number of years.  As part of that, I went back to study, moved to the west of Ireland with my gorgeous husband Paul, who does a great barbeque!  I adore being a mum to two beautiful adults (though I still see them as my children!) and love being part of an incredibly supportive family and a network of fabulous friends.Brenda Kennelly - The Renascent

My gift for communicating and connecting with people often finds me listening to people’s story as they share them easily with me.  It’s important for me to live in my heart and not in my head, that I live life on my own terms full of integrity and authenticity, and that I share that with the world.  I never see myself retiring, instead, I see myself living life the way I want to, bringing my wisdom and experience to all that I do.

My passions are many and include empowering others to discover their own path, to reconnect them with what they want for themselves; watching and learning from human behaviour; acknowledging the power of the mind and using it to create positive change; motivating and inspiring others; engaging in meaningful conversation; being positive; being a dreamer and a creator; walking in nature; laughing and having fun; breaking the mould; being a bit of a rebel at times; taking quiet time; giving back; knowing the power of gratitude & kindness.  Most of all …

… I’m a glass half full type of person

I have 30+ years business experience where I worked at senior level in Financial Services.  Through this, I have become a skilled Business Manager, Trainer, Coach, NLP Master Practitioner.  I have trained with various experts including, Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Michael Neill, Brian Colbert & Owen Fitzpatrick. I continue to have mentors working alongside me and practice Mindfulness, Meditation and Energy work.

I’ve been through the cooking pot of corporate life, which was really valuable and, oftentimes, a very stressful environment.  I’m glad to say that although the stress got to me at times, I discovered many tools and strategies over the years that enabled me to overcome both the stress and chronic head pain that came as a result of it.  I have come out the other end unharmed and life is fantastic on the other side!  Since then, I have been empowering people to reconnect to their inner joy and passions, enabling them find their way through the fog of life through training evemts, coaching and speaking,   Find out more here.

I feel 29 (but in my late fifties) and believe life is what you make it and life is for living.

And yes, I’ve done a skydive and loved it!

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